Know Thy Body, Know Thyself


  "The Body Always Leads Us Home" ~ Pat Ogden


‘Living’ Body Awareness Classes
Moving in harmony with our body, its natural alignment & 
the guidance it is offering in this moment~ 

Nourishing Movement & Inquiry that Calms, Enlivens &
Connects Us Back To Ourselves

"Donna lays out the foundation for people to find within themselves whatever is needed." ~ Jeanette, Mother

Staten Island Schedule:

 Fridays      4:00 – 5:30pm

                                   Relax on Cloud 9 Studio Space,

694 Clove Rd., SI, NY 10301

Please reply via or call 347-420-2879 to reserve a space~ Thank you!


"What if Life was not happening to us, but... FOR us?"

This class is a unique group experience of Spiritual Inquiry which includes enlivening conversation, reflection & a variety of ways to re-connect including body centered meditation, breath-work, energy work, light movement and relaxation. 

Class Schedule:

                                               Qoya Classes

Qoya, created by Rochelle Schieck, is based on the idea that through movement
we remember~

We remember, our essence as Wise, Wild and Free.

 Wise ~drawn from the wisdom of yoga~

Wild ~from the creative expression of dance~

Free ~from slowing down & moving how your body wants to move. 

 There is no way you can do it wrong,
and the way you know you’re doing it right is that it feels good.

   Qoya is designed to help you remember the physical sensation of truth in your body & reclaim your inner             knowing, intuition & instincts so that you let that feeling be north on your compass and let your body
                                                           guide you on your soul's journey.

 Staten Island Schedule:

Fridays  6-7:00 pm

Please reply via 
or call 347-420-2879 to reserve a space ~ Thank you! 


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