Know Thy Body, Know Thyself

Session Testimonials


“I began Body Awareness sessions 4 months after recovering from spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. 
This work showed me techniques that would strengthen & relax not just my back, but my entire body.
 After one month of sessions, I was feeling more relaxed in everyday activities. 
Through Donna's teachings of Body Awareness, I was able to identify & eventually
 eliminate sources of tension & distress that were negatively affecting the outcome of everything I did. 
Donna’s greatest strength is her ability to understand her students.  
I am constantly surprised by her ability to answer a question before I am able to articulate it...
or sometimes even before I knew I had one. She is a truly gifted teacher and healer.” 
~ Benjamin, Musician 

 “Donna’s work is unique & through her intuitive guidance she helps your body to shift & open to free blocked energy. 
I am more productive, have more energy, flexibility & better balance. 
Body Awareness helped my mind, body & spirit integrate & open to life.” 
~ Jeanette, Mother

 “By applying Body Awareness techniques, I have experienced a significant reduction in pain 
& notable improvements in alignment & posture.
I have several different orthopedic problems & Body Awareness has helped me with each of them. 
So far, I have been able to avoid knee surgery. 
I no longer have neck or shoulder 
pain & I have also been able to correct some problems in my feet.
is extremely insightful, and has helped me achieve a greater degree of wellness. 
She developed an individualized treatment plan for me & gave me
tools I needed to work on these conditions.” 
~ Anne, Administrator Assistant


 “Donna has amazing gifts of knowledge, skill & a caring spirit, as she teaches & assists you
 on your journey to wellness through 
her Body Awareness program. 
After years of turning to doctors, physical therapists, pain management specialists & medications; I was resigning myself to the limitations & chronic problems associated with my neck, back, muscles & feet. 
Now, I am developing new skills, & finding new relief, joy, hope &
enlightenment through Donna's work with me. I enthusiastically recommend Body Awareness!" 
~ Mary, Librarian


“I now wake up & feel a sense of overwhelming joy when I actually move & feel NO knee pain - 
not even a recollection that it was SO painful 
a few months ago. 
I walked away from our session with a sense of 
accomplishment & a hope that I would mend, 
but as I sit here I can honestly 
say that the pain is a memory. 
I am thankful every day that I spent 
that time with you. Amazing work Donna!”  
~ Kim, Teacher

Donna’s work has enhanced the quality of life I live. 
The movements she incorporates & creates truly revitalize the whole being.
 Her sensitivity, awareness, knowledge & wisdom about the body become part of the benefit each participant receives. One comes away from one of her Private Sessions having a greater understanding of oneself in multiple ways.  
Her work is Amazing!
~ Rita, Jin Shin Jsystu Practitioner


After a fall that injured my knees I was almost paralyzed with fear & my life was extremely altered.
I was strongly encouraged by a dear friend to meet with Donna & I'm so Grateful I did!
Almost immediately my confidence was restored & pain subsided.
Her sessions & classes are not only exercise, they are fun, laughter, caring & support!  
I always leave with a lifted spirit.” 
~ Noreen, Realtor, Animal Wellness Practitioner

"Donna has a beautiful way of seeing and understanding the body & the power of our connection with it.
 Her unique ability to share this knowledge with her students helps them develop 
an awareness, respect & trust for their own body. 
Through her work, I am learning to shift the perspective I had,
 of feeling that my body was "failing me" when I experienced chronic pain. 
I have learned to listen to, appreciate & honor the body & its signals. 
 I have learned to make shifts in moving with greater ease & command, 
which carries over in my every day activities.  With this increase in awareness, my pain has decreased significantly, allowing for a feeling of joy and balance within." 
~ Marisa, Teacher

"Having Fibromyalgia, as well as back and neck problems since my late 20’s, 
I have found Body Awareness has helped me to manage these 
health issues & enhanced my Physical Therapy sessions."  
~ Gail

“Donna has a wonderful way of introducing concepts to people & allowing them to feel &
sense energy in a profound way while also being attuned to where each participant is "at".
  ~Doreen, Health & Wellness Spa Owner

"The work Donna facilitates helps release the stagnant energy inside my body. 
I feel a greater sense of clarity, grounding & am learning to truly relax & sleep more soundly." 
~Ella, Accountant 

"Donna thank you for continuing to provide ideas, concepts & questions to explore. 
I am thankful for all you have taught & shown me since we first met.
 It has forever made an impact on my approach to life!" 
~ Kathleen, Legal Assistant 

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