Know Thy Body, Know Thyself

Class Testimonials

“I find Donna's classes provide a chance to unwind both the mind & the body. 
A chance to just be in the moment, to appreciate one's body, what it is capable of AND what it does for you-
My body is where I live, Donna encourages learning from one's body. 
I leave the class Rested as well as Energized, Connected Back to Myself & Renewed!” 
~ Janice, Adult Nurse Practitioner

 No matter how I feel going into Donna’s class I leave feeling calmer & refreshed.
I physically feel healthier & more importantly to my overall health I feel emotionally stronger.”
~ Jennifer, Administrator Assistant

 “Donna lays out the foundation for people to find within themselves whatever is needed.”
~ Jeanette, Mother

 “Hey Donna, I went a new neurologist about my neck issues & headaches.
We went over old MRIs & new X-ray. He asked tons of questions…Asked about your class. He said “Till we meet again, keep going to that mind-body class” … cause my neck range of motion is excellent for someone with my issues!
Your class is like a small vacation!” 
~ Kinnea, Botanist

“GOOD FOR BODY. MIND & SOUL!  … Increase your awareness of your Body’s Strength, Alignment & Grace.
~ Joan, Retired Teacher

“When I leave Body Awareness class, my cells & muscles are screaming out
THANK YOU for waking me up!

It is with great tenderness & care that Donna guides & instructs us to become keenly aware of movement
& what it enables us to discover is unique to each person & just amazing.”
  ~ Florinda, Jewelry Artist

 “Donna has created a wonderful way to move through physical tension & create not only a sense of calm but also Joy!
I leave her classes uplifted, with a fresh perspective, navigating each day with more ease." 
 ~ Doreen, Health & Wellness Spa Owner

"I am much more focused & able to execute my work more efficiently.
I find the practices Donna introduces not only improve my physical well being
but positively
influences every aspect of my lift."
~ Ella, Accountant

"In your class one comes out feeling exhilarated, no aches, no pain. Yet, in the first six months
 of having taken class with you, I managed to grow ½ inch.
The doctor was pretty astonished, for people my age can get shorter! 
Thank you for the Grace of Body Awareness!"
 ~ Rita, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner


Donna, I so genuinely love the class & your ability to reach out & make things clear.
My peace of mind when I'm there is at an all time high. Thank you again so very much!"
~ Jane, Business Owner

Thank you Donna!! I am grateful to have met you, to know you & to continue to learn from you to explore
 & celebrate who we are & all of the possibilities that are within our reach."
~ Kathleen, Legal Assistant

 “I wish every "fitness" experience I had left me feeling the way I did
at the end of your session; happy, calm and strong.
In a gentle way, Donna’s work can shake the world.”
~ Irene, Mother/Dancer

“Thank you for all you have done to help me feel stronger after my surgery.
 You make movement fun & energizing! “ 
xoxo Michele, Teacher

“Donna, your classes are amazing! You made me aware of a number of things that I now use every day to feel better.  Just using awareness of & moving from an activated core has helped me to be able to take walks again!
I am taking it slowly & carefully, but am so happy to be moving in the right direction.
Thank you for being such a good teacher. You helped me reach a personal goal
that seemed impossible just a couple of months ago.”
 ~ Donna, RN & Reiki Master

“Donna's unique approach to Body Awareness made me feel comfortable, confident & eager to try
each technique she presented. I felt an energy boost & noticeably increased circulation in my legs
(a weak spot for me) after each class. Thanks to applying her advice,
I became aware of symptoms which, after some research, indicated a vitamin deficiency
which was easily remedied & which contributed greatly to increased health in my digestive system.
I recommend Donna's classes for anyone truly interested in realizing their potential
for increased health & vitality!”
~ Joanne, Spiritual Teacher

“…Within a few weeks my husband and I noticed a dramatic improvement in my everyday aches and pains...
 they were gone. Donna's program is all about balance and every class is different…
 She teaches her students how to relax, learn from your body and to celebrate yourself!” 
~ Amy, RN

"Body awareness helped get my mind & body in shape.
 I look forward to going to class to relax & re-focus my attention on myself,
& the way I look at things. It's one of the best classes I've taken in a long time!" 
~ Susan, Mother

 “I have been in Donna's Body Awareness program for 3 weeks now & I can already clearly feel a difference.
I used to come home every night from work with shoulder pain.
I asked my doctor what I could do to stop this pain and her answer was to take Tylenol.
After the first class I could already feel the difference in my shoulders...
After only 2 classes I started to notice when I returned home from work
I didn't feel the pain any more. I also feel I have more energy than I had just weeks before.
I was able to take the lessons learned from these classes use them in other workouts as well.
The classes are gentle and so beneficial.
I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from Body Awareness. Thank you!” 
 ~ Rachel, Music

“After just one class I am finding “Body Awareness” has awakened my body so much that during the day,
while driving or standing I am drawn to remember it and straighten my posture and shift my breathing.” 
 ~ Susan, Jin Shin Jyustu Practitioner

“I definitely have a greater awareness of my body. I find myself adjusting the way I’m sitting, carrying my shoulders, etc. I’ve also realized that I am stronger than I think I am.
Using movement to stimulate thought was a new approach that was surprisingly helpful.”
~ Vicki, Administrator Assistant Country Day School

“Thank you for your service and fundraising for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 
Through your heartfelt work & generosity, guests began looking at ways to unwind, revitalize
& move into new opportunities that often present themselves after life changing events.
Our Spa will be hosting future events as a way for people to gather together, renew,
and look at how these events impact us in a global and evolutionary way.”
~ Doreen, Health & Wellness Spa Owner

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